For the past two+ decades, Shaye Strager has advised clients, from celebrities to CEOs, on the fine art of fashion styling and visual branding. Her successful styling business includes developing and perfecting wardrobes for C-level executives, musicians and philanthropists. On screen and off, Strager has served as a fashion authority, reporting on top trends for television and print audiences in New York, Atlanta and across the East Coast.

Splitting time between NYC and ATL, Shaye’s career is a multi-city affair. Much like a fashion editor, she curates a personalized day-to-day style for her clients with a professional scrutiny honed during years of working with designers to finalize their runway show looks. In a busy, social media driven world, Strager makes sure her clients look on point in every aspect of their lives.

Her mission? To educate and empower clients in making confident wardrobe choices, refine their personal style and maintain it with updates that fit their budgets. #StragerStyle #InTrueStragerFashion

Styling Services



Strager Style focuses on strategic fashion styling with purpose. Strager works with both large and small companies creating and consulting on their corporate dress codes.



Shaye Strager works alongside some of the leading philanthropists and fundraisers to create the perfect red carpet and gala looks.



Shaye Strager works with musicians, singers and songwriters to stylistically shape their brand identity as artists.



About Shaye

Strager Style takes a strategic approach to fashion styling, focusing on individuals and corporations located up and down the eastern seaboard.  Strager works with executives, musicians and philanthropists who share in wanting their wardrobe to complement and enhance their individual talent within a flooded marketplace.  Each client’s style is crafted to reflect their personality, lifestyle and goals of living their very best life.


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